Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Does society play a important role in our life ? What's your view ?#societyviews

In the Bhagavad Gita Arjuna told Krishna there is no use of getting this Kingdom after killing all my relatives and brothers.
This is true that without the society and relatives , friends all wealth, power and fame have no use.
Remember the days when you are a young child, whenever you got a new toys or new clothes you always shown off to all you family members and friends.
Actually family is the basic unit of Society.  No one can live without the society , even an aesthetic . We always thought that Sants, scetic  Sage lives without the society in jungles but they live for the society.  If you attain wisdom, enlightment, then what will you do? You want people to listen you. You want people who follow your paths, you want society to spread you teaching.
If you are good you need society if you are bad you need society.
One day I watched a video on the Youtube titled as How would you survive on the earth if you are alone. After watching this video I thought why should I survive on this earth If I were alone.
Society has an important role in my life it does not matter whether I am social or not. I need society for my life for my basic needs for my passion for my livelihood.
When I was a child my society was my family and my friends. When I was a young graduate man I used to think that society is an evil and it is only an hurdle in the life of a man.
You cannot do this . What would people said about you?
I used to thinks that society would not give me food, house job, then why should bother about the society.
As a young man I was an outlaw, rebellious, disobedient person, who did everything against the society.  But now when the Sun of my life gradually going toward the west of my life I am thinking that there is not life without the society.

Now I started to attend the social gathering. I spend time with my relatives and fiends.
I completely changed the perspective of my life toward the society.
We always thing that society is an evil, but now A realised that society has its own motion it cannot change as per our requirements and out thinking. Society has its own rule regulations it does not follow our rule.
In the end I can  only quote the greatest quote about the Society that Man is a Social Animal.